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  • Will I be able to continue flying between the United Kingdom and Spain after 1 February? I already have the tickets. Will I have any problems using them?

    From 1 February, you will be able to continue travelling between the United Kingdom and Spain without any problems and without having to do anything differently. This situation will last at least until 31 December 2020, although this date could be extended.

    From then on, the situation will depend on the agreement reached between the European Union and the United Kingdom. We thus recommend that you review the information that will be published on this website or on the Presidency website if you plan to travel beyond that date.

  • The press has reported that some Spanish airlines could lose their licence after Brexit and will be unable to fly anywhere. I already have tickets. Is there a risk that I will not be able to travel?

    Not at all. Throughout all of 2020, the situation will remain practically the same. Beyond this year, all airlines that may be affected by Brexit will have had to make the necessary changes to fully comply with European regulations so they can continue operating normally.

    The only destination that could be affected from 2021 would be the United Kingdom itself, since for companies to continue to operate between the EU and the UK, the two parties will have to reach an agreement, an agreement that is expected to be negotiated in 2020.

  • As a passenger, will I notice any changes when flying to the United Kingdom?

    Not for now. Nothing will change until the end of 2020. From 1 January 2021, travellers to or from the United Kingdom may experience slight changes in passport or customs control procedures. This information is usually published on the website of the airports or of the airlines themselves.

    If travelling with a pet, we strongly recommend that you check well in advance the applicable conditions on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

  • I'm planning to travel abroad after 1 February with a stopover in a British airport. Will Brexit affect me in any way? Do I have to get a specific visa for the United Kingdom?

    You will not have to do anything special until 31 December 2020. The situation will be the same as now. After that date, you should check the website of the British government some time before the planned trip to find out what the procedure for entering the United Kingdom is.

  • I am a citizen of one of the following countries: AFGHANISTAN, BANGLADESH, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO, ERITREA, ETHIOPIA, GHANA, IRAN, IRAQ, NIGERIA, PAKISTAN, SOMALIA, SRI LANKA, and I plan to travel to the United Kingdom after 1 February with a stopover at a Spanish airport. Are there any special requirements?

    No special requirements will apply through 31 December 2020. After that date, nationals of the countries listed above who wish to travel to the United Kingdom via a Community airport will need an airport transit visa. To get this visa, they will have to go to the nearest consulate of the country that they will be transiting through.

  • After Brexit, will I continue enjoying the same air transport rights as a passenger that I have now?

    In 2020, all of your rights are guaranteed because the EU regulation that protects your rights will also apply in the UK.

    From 2021, unless the EU and the United Kingdom agree otherwise, flights leaving from the United Kingdom will be subject to British user protection laws. Moreover, if you fly on European Union airlines to an airport in the EU, you will also continue to enjoy the safeguards that are provided by European law. You can find out about these rights on the website of the National Aviation Safety Agency.

  • If I'm travelling from Spain to the United Kingdom and my flight is cancelled or delayed, can I file a claim for assistance, compensation, etc. under the European regulation that protects the rights of users of air transport (Reg. 261/2004)?

    You can. Since the flight departs from a Spanish airport, European regulations still apply, regardless of the airline. This does not change with Brexit.

  • On the return flight - I'm travelling from the United Kingdom to Spain - if my flight is cancelled or delayed, can I file a claim for assistance, compensation, etc. in accordance with European regulations protecting the rights of air transport users (Reg. 261/2004)?

    In 2020, you can. After 2020, unless the EU and the UK agree otherwise, the rights that apply to passengers on flights departing from the UK to the EU will depend on the nationality of the airline. If the company is British or non-European, the rights will be those in force in the UK, whereas if the company is European, users may demand to have the rights provided by EU law applied to them.

  • I am a British citizen currently living in the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta or Melilla. Will I continue to be eligible for the air transport subsidy when I travel between islands or to the mainland?

    During the transitional period, British citizens in Spain will enjoy the same rights as European Union citizens, with certain exceptions as provided for in the UK withdrawal agreement. They will therefore continue to be eligible for the resident discount in non-mainland territories.

    Once the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, they will only be eligible for the subsidy if their long-term residency status is recognised, unless agreed otherwise.